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The sign-up and registration processes at the site are also very easy, claim the owners of the site.Most people in the site need only one small sign-up process and they are all set to avail the services of the cam girls at the site.The suspect - reportedly 33 - was arrested yesterday, said Harinder Singh, an officer in the Aman Vihar neighbourhood where the assault apparently took place.

Another attack took place on Tuesday - the day before the alleged toddler rape in Delhi - when a woman was leaving coaching classes for a civil service exam she is due to take which will also allow her to join the police After a while Chadar left to fetch cigarettes, gutka - a type of chewing tobacco - and clothes for the woman, it is claimed.

When he returned he was accompanied by two other men, named only as Rajesh and Ramesh, and all four men allegedly raped her again.

Nearly 11,000 cases of child rape were reported in 2015, according to the National Crime Records Bureau's latest figures.

Around 7pm a man named as Golu Bihari Chadhar, who is on bail for the murder of an infant girl, grabbed her by the hand, the Times reported.

The teen fought back so Chadar called accomplice Amar Ghuntu who helped to drag her towards a nearby river bed underneath a bridge, it is alleged.

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Pictured: The Supreme Court of India Police in Bohpal, Madhya Pradesh province, have now suspended a senior officer for refusing to take the complaint, the Times of India reports.

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